Hoogwaardige verwarmingssystemen en vloerverwarming
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Floor-convectors with fans make recalescence and flow even more intensive, thus decreasing the uncomfortable cold radiation felt around large surface area windows and doors. Certain floor-convectors with fans are capable of operating as supplementary cooling devices.

This is similar to the standard floor-convector, supplemented with a fan used to circulate the room's air through the number of tiny louvres, increasing the transferred amount of heat to a multiple of standard radiators.

In the summer floor-convectors with fans can be used to temper the place, if a water-cooling (liquid-cooling) device provides the cold water (generally 7°C) required for cooling.

In case of flowing cold water, the floor-convector cools, while in case of warm water it heats, so both cooling (tempering) and heating may be accomplished with a single device.

  • the same device that heats in the winter, can cool in the summer
  • extremely fast reaction, fast recalescence
  • even temperature
  • aesthetic, the fact that a radiator is not required is not negligible from furnishing aspect

  • needs electric mains
  • high investment cost
  • low fan noise at level 3
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